Wonder Woman (2017)

The stakes were high when DC Comics announced Wonder Woman to its roster, as the last comic-book movies with female leads were Catwoman (2004) and Elektra (2005), which were both notorious flops. 12 years have passed since those dark days, and Warner Bros. have now made their best film since The Dark Knight with Wonder Woman; a female-led superhero origin story that’s both thrilling and enjoyable. Thanks, in no small part, to Patty Jenkins’s direction and an emphasis on character and story.

The film begins on the hidden paradise island of Themyscira, where strong and powerful Amazons have lives for millennia, sheltered from the rest of the world and the horrors of mankind. Growing up in this tropical land, Diana Prince (Gal Godot) is torn between the two great women in her life: mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), Queen of the Amazons, and her great warrior aunt Antiope (Robin Wright)…

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Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Finally DC come up with a film to compete with Marvel’s fantastically strong run, and manage to make a fabulously feminist story to boot.


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