Attack of the Adult Babies (2017)

FRIGHTFEST WORLD PREMIERE Have you all stopped sniggering at the title? Well you may as well keep going, Attack of the Adult Babies is the third film from Dominic Brunt (Known to some of you as Paddy from Emmerdale) and based on a story idea by his wife Joanne Mitchell (Also starring in the film … Continue reading Attack of the Adult Babies (2017)

Mayhem (2017)

FRIGHTFEST EUROPEAN PREMIERE Office jobs can be tough - not the work itself, but the culture. Hands up who has worked in an office job where micro-management, backstabbing and general nastiness were part of the normal working day. Well it turns out director Joe Lynch has too and feels our pain, and Mayhem is an … Continue reading Mayhem (2017)

Table 19 (2017)

There are awkward smiles all round in Table 19, the latest movie from The Duplass Brothers Productions (Safety Not Guaranteed), directed by Jeffrey Blitz (Spellbound). Released in March to a muted reception in cinemas, Table 19 now makes its way onto home video. Starring a host of household names, including Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and Lisa Kudrow (Friends), … Continue reading Table 19 (2017)