Table 19 (2017)

There are awkward smiles all round in Table 19, the latest movie from The Duplass Brothers Productions (Safety Not Guaranteed), directed by Jeffrey Blitz (Spellbound). Released in March to a muted reception in cinemas, Table 19 now makes its way onto home video. Starring a host of household names, including Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and Lisa Kudrow (Friends), this comedy concerns the titular table of a wedding reception, and it’s as uncomfortable and cringe-worthy as one would expect.

The story centres on Eloise (Kendrick), the best friend of the bride and former maid of honour, who was fired after an unpleasant breakup with the bride’s brother Teddy (Black Mirror’s Wyatt Russell). After changing her mind back and forth in the opening scenes, she attends the wedding, only to find that she’s been placed at table 19: a dumping ground for misfit guests who “should have known not to show up”. These acquaintances, former employees, and distant family members, soon band together when they realise there’s a lot more wrong with Eloise than just break-up blues, and together they try to help her with varying degrees of success and slapstick. Secrets are shared and truths unearthed as the group try to find their place in a wedding nobody wants them at.

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Overall Rating: 1 out of 5

A wasted premise and woefully underused cast of greats leaves Table 19 being the wedding not even the viewer wants to be at.


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