Erik the Conqueror (1961)

As a child, Sunday afternoons were a time to watch historical epics with family, and Erik the Conqueror was one that made a lasting impression. Coming back to it now, as an adult, with the newly restored Arrow Video release on Blu-ray, not only brought back fond memories but heightened my respect for its director, Mario Bava.

Bava is best known for being one of the forefathers of the giallo film genre, and part of the golden age of Italian horror, but in 1961 he turned his hand to making Erik the Conqueror, a swashbuckling action-adventure that was an uncredited remake of the 1958 Kirk Douglas film The Vikings for Italian audiences. Using his talents for creating stunning visuals on shoestring budgets, Bava delivered a film that in my opinion surpasses its inspiration…

Read the rest of my review of the Arrow Video restoration of Erik the Conqueror on FrameRated

Overall Rating: 4.5/5                                                                                                                          A gorgeously made remake that surpassed the original film and has received a stunning restoration to bring out it’s true glory.



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