A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

Breathing new life into the Ealing comedy tradition, it’s John Cleese and director Charles Crichton’s modern classic A Fish Called Wanda. With a raft of top-class comedic performances and snappy dialogue courtesy of Cleese’s own screenplay, Wanda is back on Blu-ray— exclusively restored from the original negatives by Arrow Films.

In case you don’t know, the film concerns four crooks who pull off a jewellery heist, but proceed to done double-cross each other in an effort to keep the loot for themselves. All while trying to avoid being caught by the police. Strait-laced barrister Archie Leach (John Cleese) gets entangled in this scheme when London gangster George Thomason (Tom Georgeson) is arrested, becoming a key part of a farce that escalates, Fawlty Towers-style, to silly extremes. Most notably, Archie’s seduced by the gang’s femme fatale Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis), which puts him at odds with her jealous anglophobe boyfriend Otto (Kevin Kline) and stammering animal lover Ken (Michael Palin)…

Read the rest of my review at FrameRated.

Overall Rating: 5/5

A British classic that hasn’t lost an ounce of it’s humour and a ton of new special features to entertain fans.


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