Upgrade (2018)

Director: Leigh Whannell Starring: Logan Marshall-Green, Betty Gabriel, Harrison Gilbertson, Benedict Hardie, Melanie Vallejo, Simon Maiden (voice) As a special preview from Fandom at Frightfest 2018 and hitting cinemas on Friday 31st August audiences were shown Upgrade, from the creator of Saw and Insidious; Leigh Whannell. Combining sci-fi, action and a Orwellian cautionary tale it … Continue reading Upgrade (2018)


Climax (2018)

Director: Gaspar Noé Starring: Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic, Souheila Yacoub, Kiddy Smile, Claude Gajan Maull, Giselle Palmer, Taylor Kastle, Thea Carla Schott, Sharleen Temple, Lea Vlamos, Alaia Alsafir, Kendall Mugler, Lakdhar Dridi, Adrien Sissoko, Mamadou Bathily, Alou Sidibe, Ashley Biscette, Vince Galliot Cumant, Sarah Belala Closing out Frightfest for 2018 was the much-anticipated Climax from … Continue reading Climax (2018)

Why Firing James Gunn Makes No Sense (AKA How Disney is Wrong)

It’s been three weeks since Disney unceremoniously fired James Gunn for tweets made a decade ago and honestly I’m still mad – so whilst on my summer writing break before I drive you all bananas with Frightfest reviews I want to put my thought and feelings on the matter down. Essentially, in case you aren’t … Continue reading Why Firing James Gunn Makes No Sense (AKA How Disney is Wrong)